Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure and Environment (SDSFIE)

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** Users of this SDSFIE wiki should remember this is an UNCLASSIFIED network. Do not discuss or exchange information which is sensitive, FOUO or CUI in nature.**


Welcome to the SDSFIE Wiki

The SDSFIE Wiki will be your "go to" resource for training, knowledge, downloads, and staying up to date with the latest information pertaining to SDSFIE. You will also be able to exchange ideas and tools with others in your SDSFIE Community.

Embedded with this wiki are links to general SDSFIE information, or more detailed information pertaining to your Component.

Introduction to the Defense Installations Spatial Data Infrastructure (DISDI)

"To provide authoritative, cost-effective defense installation geospatial information and services for fact-based decision making across the DoD spectrum of operations."

DISDI is the geospatial oversight program responsible for acquiring, managing, and sharing spatial information supporting I&E’s business activities to meet defense, federal, and national goals - to include oversight of the SDSFIE.

The Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations and Environment) (I&E) group formed the Defense Installations Spatial Data Infrastructure (DISDI) program to serve as the central source for organizing and leveraging the Department’s extensive geospatial portfolio for its installations.

Comprised of people, policies, and practices, DISDI offers a new approach for integrating geospatial efforts across the Defense facilities to better support DoD’s strategic goals and the DoD Business Enterprise Architecture. DISDI develops geospatial standards and policy to enable sharing and interoperability of geospatial data at all levels of installation management, while ensuring that I&E’s information infrastructure is aligned with DoD’s net-centric strategies.

DISDI supports the Military Services and Defense Agencies by establishing guidance to effectively apply installation visualization capabilities in a collaborative and coordinated manner.DISDI’s goal is to geo-enable I&E business mission areas and defense business transformation using the Global Information Grid concept.1 A mission is geo-enabled when it leverages geospatial capabilities at the installation level to help visualize and enhance data—transforming it into actionable information.

What's New

In an effort to better acquaint users with the SDSFIE that can be used to build standardized data models, the Defense Installation Spatial Data Infrastructure (DISDI) Group has launched an updated website with new workflows that allow a user to engage with the site and meet business needs.

The SDSFIE continues to evolve. Check out "What's Coming" for a preview of improvements that the group is working on.

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General Guidance

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Component Specific Guidance

US Army

- US Army Documentation

US Marine Corps

- US Marine Corps Documentation

US Navy

- US Navy Documentation

US Air Force

- US Air Force Documentation

US Army Corps of Engineers

- USACE Documentation


- Defense Installation Spatial Data Infrastructure Homepage - external link

- DISDI Documentation

Washington Headquarters Services

- Washington Headquarters Services Documentation

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Federal Geographic Data Committee - External Site

Geospatial Intelligence Standards Working Group - External Site

Open Geospatial Consortium - External Site

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